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Dr. Shyamal Das
Name: Dr. Shyamal Das
Date of Birth: 1st January, 1963.
Phone number's : 09436134176/ 03812203795
E-mail's : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Fax : 03812374802
Academic Qualifications : M,A,, PGDTE, M.Phil, Ph.D.
Present Designation/position : Professor
Topics Taught : Topics in Literature, Linguistics, Phonetics and ELT

Publications (year wise) :

Sl No.Title of the paperName of the Journal with Volume, Pages and Year
1 Consonant Deletion Rules in the Noakhali dialect of Bangla: their lexical status and mode of application” Phases and Interfaces of Morphology CIEFL (EFL-U), Hyderabad, 1998.
2 Phonology of *NC effects in Malayalam: an Optimality Theoretic Investigation CIFEL Bulletin, Vol.10. No.2, 2000
3 Some Aspects of Prosodic Phonology of Tripura Bangla & Tripura Bangla English (also an e-book). Rutgers (University) Optimality Archive (ROA) 493. 2002
4 Feature Checking, Case & Word Order. A Minimalist Study of the Bangla Case System PILC Journal of Dravidic Studies Pondichery (2001/6).Vol. 11: 1.11:2
5 Phonology of NC effects in Malayalam Linguistic Theory and South Asian Languages, Josef Bayer et al John Benjamins (NL) 217-236. 2007
6 Script for Kokborok: some relevant deliberations Proceedings of the National Seminar on Kokborok Script with Special Reference to its Tonal Representation, Agartala, 2006
7 Is there any poetry in the class? Mingled Voices: Literature and Philosophy, TU. 2006-7
8 Metrical Phonology and Tripura Bangla status and mode of application” Kreative Mind, Kolkata. 2007
9 Essays in Linguistics: studies in Phonology, Syntax, and Sociolinguistics Akansha Publishing House, New Delhi 2009
10 Essays in Linguistics II: Syntax, Phonology and Morphology. Akansha Publishing House, New Delhi. 2010

Seminar/Conference/Workshop/Refresher/Orientations etc. Participated:

1 Refresher Course at CIEFL, Shillong 17th Nov. to 7th Dec. 2001  
2 Refresher Course at Assam University, Silchar 15th Feb. to 7th March, 2002  
3 UGC/CEC Capacity Building Program on Multimedia and e-Content Development Nov. 27-Dec.16, 2006, New Delhi.  
4 Short Intensive Course in Functional Grammar conducted by Prof. William Greaves August 02-11, 1995 CIEFL (EFL-U), Hyderabad  
5 Introductory Course in Computer for word processing Oct. 9-24, 1995. CIEFL (EFL-U), Hyderabad.  
6 International Seminar on Morphology (ISM) July 10-11, 1996, CIEFL (EFL-U), Hyderabad “Consonant deletion in Noakhali dialect Bangla: Rules and their applications
7 Generative Linguistics in the Old World GLOW: Colloquium and Workshop Jan. 20-23, 1998, CIEFL (EFL-U), Hyderabad.  
8 Resource person at UGC Workshop on Linguistics, Phonetics and Communicative English August 09-21, 1999, MBB College, Agaratala  
9 International Conference on Stress and Rhythm Dec. 13-15, 2000, CIEFL(EFL-U), Hyerabad “Demotion of Rhythmicity in two dialects of Bangla
10 International Conference on Architecture of Grammar, January 15-17, 2002, CIEFL (EFL-U), Hyderabad “Redefining Lapse”
11 25th All India Conference of Linguists, Nov. 26-28, 2002. CU, Kolkata “Positional faithfulness and an OT account of Resisted Neutralization in the vowel inventory of Tripura Bangla”
12 Orientation Program for Academic Counselors, April 6-7, 2005. IGNOU Regional Center, Shillong  
13 ICHR National Seminar on Tribes, Peasants and Modern Identity in NE India c 1800-2000AD April 5-7, 2006 Tripura University “Politics of marginalization: a study in the light of freedom of speech and expression”
14 Natinal seminar on Development of Tribal Languages: Sharing of Experiences, May 27-28, 2006, Agartala. “Language Development and Script: the issue of Kokborok”
15 NLSI summer school May 28 to June 2007. CIIL, Mysore.  
16 UGC National seminar on Quality on Higher Education, March 25-26, 2008, BBM College, Agartala. “Quality in Higher Education: an appeal for self-respect and self-appraisal”
17 Workshop and National seminar on Translation: Lending Audibility/ Bridging the Gap’ Feb. 16-18, 2009 “Teaching English to Bilingual students of Tripura”
18 International Congress of Bengal Studies, February 25-28, 2010, Delhi University. “Generating dialectal typology: an OT grammar of variation in verbal forms of Bangla”
19 Invited for a talk 27th August, 2010. EFL-U, Hyderabad “Aspiration: A dying phenomenon in Bangla”
20 National seminar of Capacity Building of students in Higher Education with special reference to Tribal students of Tripura Nov. 16-17, 2010. MBB College, Agratala. “Language Pedagogy in Vernacular Education in Tripura”
21 National seminar on “Rabindranath: Bharatiya o sanskritir prekshapate sardha-shatabarshik samiksha” Nov. 18. 2010. Dept. Bengali, Tripura (Central) University “The mystery behind poetic language: a linguistic analysis of Tagore’s ‘Prarthana’”

Membership/Positions in Learned Academic Bodies/Organisations:

1 Member, Linguistic Society of India, HO. Deccan College, Pune
2 Dravidian Linguistic Association of India, Thiruvanthapuram
3 Anonymous reviewer for the Journal of International Phonetic Association (JIPA), University of Victoria, Canada.
4 I am a member of the Academic Committee of Arka Community College (Registered with IGNOU), Tripura.

Research Projects:

1. UGC, Minor Research Project Some Aspects of the Prosodic Phonology of Tripura Bangla and Tripura Bangla English Completed, 2008

Research Supervisions (Scholar's Name, Topic and Status):

1. Mr. Swapan Debnath PhD Phonology of Kokborok English: A Profile with Pedagogical Implications Submitted, Feb. 2010
2. Mr. Uttam Chakraborty PhD A Prosodic Study of the Inflectional Morphology of Noakhali Dialect of Bangla and Noakhali English Synopsis submitted, 2010
3. Ajita Tripura, MPhil (Co-guide) Compatative Study of Kokborok and English Language Awarded, 2007
4. Debabrata Deb Purakyastha, MPhil Properties of Technical Communicative Skill in English Awarded, 2009


1. Awarded S. Krishnamurthy Endowment Prize for the best Diploma participant for PGDTE, CIEFL (EFL-U). Year 1994-1995

Other information (if any):

So far the following international authors and researchers have cited my work mentioned in each citations.

Sl No.CitationsYear
1 1. “Some Aspects of the Prosodic Phonology of Tripura Bangla and Tripura Bangla English” (ROA 493-0202) in “Ternary Stress” by Paula Haughton of University of Massachusetts, Amherst, US. 2003
2 2. “Some Aspects of the Prosodic Phonology of Tripura Bangla and Tripura Bangla English” (ROA 493-0202) in ‘Towards a Theory of Constraints in OT: Emergence of the not-so-unmarked in Malayalee English” by Tara and K.P. Mohanan. National University of Singapore, 2003 2003
3 3. “Some Aspects of the Prosodic Phonology of Tripura Bangla and Tripura Bangla English” (ROA 493-0202) in Avoiding Boundaries: Antepenultimate Stress in Rule-Based Framework” by Tim Beasley and Katherine Crosswhite in Linguistic Inquiry, Vol. 34.3. 2003. (MIT, US) 2003
4 4. “Some Aspects of the Prosodic Phonology of Tripura Bangla and Tripura Bangla English” (ROA 493-0202) in “As Proud the head with heavy feet: Restrictions on structure are in GEN” by Curt Rice, Ms. 2007. University of Tromso, Norway. 2007
5 5. “Some Aspects of the Prosodic Phonology of Tripura Bangla and Tripura Bangla English” (ROA 493-0202) in ‘Positionally Licensed extended lapses” by Paula Haughton in University of Pennsylvaniya Working Papers in Linguistics, Vol. 14.1.2008, also in the Proceedings of the 31st Annual PENN Lingistics Colloquium @ http://repository 2008
6 6. “Some Aspects of the Prosodic Phonology of Tripura Bangla and Tripura Bangla English” (ROA 493-0202) in Sameer ud Doula Khan’ doctoral dissertation “Intonational Phonology and Focus Prosody in Bengali” University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), 2008. 2008
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