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  1. New solar-powered smart windows can help save energy costs
  2. Smartphone can reduce your brain power, say scientists
  3. Scientists developing heat-resistant ‘cows of the future’
  4. Scientists in Germany develop world’s sharpest laser
  5. Tirupati boy launches Kalam satellite
  6. IIT Guwahati succeeds in regenerating damaged nerve
  7. New measurement will help redefine 'kilogramme'
  8. Microsoft's 'Modern Keyboard' with fingerprint sensor now available
  9. Male partner's age can affect IVF delivery success
  10. 'Small rise in temperatures may cause heavy rain, heat waves'
  11. Robotics and closed borders: Is it end of globalisation?
  12. What is GSAT-7 Rukmini?
  13. Scientists develop new temperature sensor running on near-zero-power
  14. Bees may inspire drones, robots that can 'see' better
  15. Owls’ wings could hold key to quieter aircraft
  16. New Artificial Intelligence system can predict IVF success for embryos
  17. Scientists just made new earplugs that will let you answer calls with your smile
  18. India's top tech firms lose appeal for engineering students
  19. New 3D chip made with carbon nanotubes can store, process data
  20. Scientists just created a battery-free mobile phone, and here’s how it works
  21. IISc to get Rs 3,000-crore foundry to produce ‘wonder’ nano material
  22. Central labs moot ‘human first’ approach to test malaria vaccine
  23. There are four types of Facebook users: Study
  24. Now, computer that can read your body language
  25. Protein target to help fight malaria identified
  26. Physicists discover new subatomic particle
  27. World's first battery-free cell phone developed
  28. CERN discovers 'doubly-charmed' particle
  29. With solar power's use, India becomes front runner in fight against climate change
  30. Physicists find new particle with a double dose of charm
  31. Scientists discover the ‘depression gene’
  32. IGNOU announces free education for transgender students in all programmes
  33. ICAI 68th foundation day: CA syllabus to be revised after 13 years
  34. NEET success will help HRD take decision on single entrance exam for engineering courses
  35. India to set up 20 world class research institutions
  36. Gate 2018 exam date announced; to be held from FEB. 03
  37. Education is becoming a ‘commercial commodity’: Former ISRO chairman
  38. Graduate Record Examination: 7 ways to crack GRE with great score
  39. Education will not be expensive under GST: Finance Ministry clarifies
  40. IISc alumni, faculty playing a strong role to lead the nation: President Pranab Mukherjee
  41. SC halts admissions at all IITs and NITs
  42. Human Library: No pin drop silence here
  43. NCTE set to grade B.Ed and teacher training institutes to improve quality
  44. Purdue’s researchers developed method assesses instructor performance in ‘Freeform Classroom
  45. 18 dream technology companies for engineering and IT students around the world
  46. No-detention policy in school to be scrapped from next academic year: Union minister
  47. Activists moot one nation, one education system’
  48. GST: 9 apps and software to help clear all doubts

Courtesy: Department of Library & Information Science, Tripura University.