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  1. Researchers announce $1 mn prize to build computer programme to solve Queens Puzzle
  2. New caching system to make data centres more energy efficient
  3. First evidence of water found on TRAPPIST-1 planets
  4. Air pollution throws shade on India's solar success
  5. IIT Guwahati team mimics nature to keep surfaces oil-free in water
  6. Plastic waste: What man has wrought the bugs try to solve
  7. Elon Musk thinks Artificial Intelligence can trigger World War 3
  8. New camera can help doctors see through the body
  9. ‘India’s e-waste from scrapped mobiles to jump 1800% by 2020.
  10. This device can turn heat into fuel source
  11. Indian-origin scientist creates medical camera to see through body
  12. Scientists help spiders spin stronger silks
  13. Now a smartwatch that tracks your every move
  14. CSIR’s artificial leaf creates fuel from sunlight, water
  15. ‘Pod’ designed by German students hits 201 mph in SpaceX Hyperloop contest
  16. World’s biggest X-ray goes into operation in Germany
  17. One pill to ward off both diabetes, heart disease could be reality
  18. Scientists create soft robot powered by vacuum that can climb wall, grab objects
  19. Educating girls has resulted in reduction of fertility rate in Bihar: Nitish Kumar
  20. Flip-flop qubits: Researchers find new way to build quantum computers
  21. IIT-Delhi makes presentation on waste disposal
  22. New Google Feed to improve Search experience for Indian users
  23. By 2070, a third of animal parasites may be extinct
  24. Six genes linked to preterm birth identified
  25. New app can replace ultrasound to measure heart health
  26. New algorithms can detect when people text and drive
  27. Novel device that accurately identifies cancer in seconds
  28. IIT Madras: New eco-friendly cement being tested for use in industry
  29. IGIB team discovers skin bacterium with antimicrobial activity
  30. Does total darkness or light alter the body clock?
  31. Brain scan as ‘lie detector’ for pain inappropriate
  32. WhatsApp brings Picture-in-Picture mode for video calling: what is it; know another new feature
  33. Teachers Day: Why do we celebrate it on September 5?
  34. New UGC regulation to curb plagiarism in academic research and PhD research
  35. World’s leading accrediting authority IAA enters India
  36. PhD admission session for Spring (January) 2018 session kick starts as application window open in more than seven universities
  37. Discover pattern, composition and key features of Civil Services Examination (CSE)
  38. Multiple court rulings haven’t curbed ragging: UGC study
  39. New UGC policy: Research scholar could lose registration for plagiarism
  40. All India Council of Technical Education (AICTE) directs 3 private universities to close colleges
  41. World University Rankings 2018: IISc ranked highest from India, overall ranking falls
  42. New UGC policy: Research scholar could lose registration for plagiarism
  43. Indian universities fall behind in global rankings: Study
  44. Reputed institutions publish in bogus journals’
  45. CBSE asks schools to frame rules for teachers
  46. Higher education needs autonomy for excellence, not more regulation
  47. UGC to hold film-making contest to curb ragging
  48. 319 teachers received National Awards 2016 on Teacher’s Day
  49. Centre to soon start PM scholarship worth Rs 75,000 per month for meritorious students: Prakash Javadekar
  50. GATE-2018
  51. JAM 2018
  52. CAT2017
  53. CBSE/UGC NET 2017
  54. XAT 2018
  55. Know about TOELF
  56. CSIR UGC NET, December.-2017

Courtesy: Department of Library & Information Science, Tripura University.