Biochemistry, Genetics and Microbiology

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Molecular Biology and Genomics

Cornel Mulhardt

Foundations of Comparative Genomics

Arcady R. Mushegian

Protein NMR Spectroscopy

John Cavanagh, Wayne J. Fairbrother, Arthur G. Palmer, III, Nicholas J. Skelton, Mark Rance

Cellular Transplantation

Craig Halberstadt, Dwaine F. Emerich

Principles of Regenerative Biology

Bruce M. Carlson

Human Stem Cell Manual

Jeanne F. Loring, Robin L. Wesselschmidt, Philip H. Schwartz

Principles of Tissue Engineering

Robert Lanza, Robert Langer, Joseph P. Vacanti

The Cholesterol Wars

Daniel Steinberg

Systems Biology

Fred Boogerd, Frank J. Bruggeman, Jan-Hendrik S. Hofmeyr, H.V. Westerhoff

Biochemical Engineering and Biotechnology

Ghasem Najafpour

The Nutritional Biochemistry of Chromium (III)

John Vincent

Centrifugal Separations in Biotechnology

Wallace Leung

Principles of Biomedical Informatics

Ira J. Kalet, PhD

Principles of Nucleic Acid Structure

Stephen Neidle

The Bioarchaeology of Metabolic Bone Disease

Megan Brickley, Rachel Ives

Bioconjugate Techniques

Greg T. Hermanson

Principles and Practice of Clinical Trial Medicine

Richard Chin, Bruce Y Lee

Electrochemical Sensors, Biosensors and their Biomedical Applications

Xueji Zhang, Huangxian Ju, Joseph Wang

Principles of Bone Biology, Two-Volume Set

John P. Bilezikian, Lawrence G. Raisz, T. John Martin

Eukaryotic Transcription Factors

David S. Latchman

Practical Guide to Clinical Computing Systems

Thomas H. Payne

Stories of Success

Giorgio Semenza

Biochemistry of Lipids, Lipoproteins and Membranes

D.E. Vance, J.E. Vance

Real World Drug Discovery

Rydzewski, Robert

Genomic and Personalized Medicine, Two-Vol Set


Systems Biomedicine

Edison T. Liu, Garry P. Nolan, Douglas A. Lauffenburger

Handbook of Glycomics

Richard D. Cummings, J. Michael Pierce

Clinical and Translational Science

David Robertson, Gordon H. Williams

The Manual of Scientific Style

Harold Rabinowitz

Hyaluronan in Cancer Biology

Robert Stern

Single Molecule Biology

Alexander E. Knight

A Pharmacology Primer

Terry Kenakin

Essentials of Stem Cell Biology

Robert Lanza, Brigid Hogan, Roger Pedersen, Douglas Melton, John Gaerhart, E. Donnall Thomas, James A. Thomson

Nathan Zuntz

Hanns-Christian Gunga

Genetic Diseases of the Kidney

Richard P. Lifton, Stefan Somlo, Gerhard Giebisch, Donald W. Seldin

Stories of Success

Giorgio Semenza

Laboratory Animal Anaesthesia

Flecknell, Paul

Molecular Diagnostics

Grody, Wayne

Signal Transduction

Gomperts, Bastien

Natural Killer Cells

Lotze, Michael

Nitric Oxide

Ignarro, Louis

Handbook of Cell Signaling, 2/e

Bradshaw, Ralph

Molecular Diagnostics

Patrinos, George

RNA Methodologies

Farrell, Jr., Robert E.

Essentials of Genomic and Personalized Medicine

Ginsburg, Geoffrey

Environmental Biotechnology

Vallero, Daniel

Analysis of Complex Disease Association Studies

Zeggini, Eleftheria

Fenner's Veterinary Virology

Maclachlan, N.

Calculations for Molecular Biology and Biotechnology

Stephenson, Frank

Handbook of Epigenetics

Tollefsbol, Trygve

Enzyme Kinetics: Catalysis & Control

Purich, Daniel

Heart Development and Regeneration

Rosenthal, Nadia

Principles of Regenerative Medicine

Atala, Anthony

Stem Cells

Mummery, Christine

Microbial Forensics

Budowle, Bruce

The HDL Handbook

Komoda, Tsugikazu

Plant Biochemistry

Heldt, Hans-Walter


Richards, Julia

Structural Biology Using Electrons and X-rays

Moody, Michael F

Atlas of Zebrafish Development

Bryson-Richardson, Robert

Therapeutic Applications of Quadruplex Nucleic Acids

Neidle, Stephen

The Laboratory Rabbit, Guinea Pig, Hamster, and Other Rodents

Suckow, Mark

Plant Biotechnology and Agriculture

Altman, Arie


Stephen, King

Peptide and Protein Delivery

Van Der Walle, Chris

Growth Factors and Their Receptors in Cell Differentiation, Cancer and Cancer Therapy

Sherbet, Gajanan

Epigenetic Principles of Evolution

Cabej, Nelson

The Yeasts

Kurtzman, C.P.

Protein Bioinformatics

Gromiha, M. Michael

Nonhuman Primates in Biomedical Research

Abee, Christian

Nonhuman Primates in Biomedical Research

Abee, Christian

Molecular Medicine

Ron, Trent

The Laboratory Mouse

Hedrich, Hans

Principles and Practice of Clinical Research

Gallin, John

Handbook of Proteolytic Enzymes


Genomic and Personalized Medicine

Geoffrey S. Ginsburg

Human Growth and Development

Cameron, Noël

Scientific Papers and Presentations

Davis, Martha

Regenerative Biology and Medicine

Stocum, David

Autophagy in Health and Disease

Gottlieb, Roberta

Human Genes and Genomes

Rosenberg, Leon

Human Stem Cell Manual

Peterson, Suzanne

Molecular Biology Techniques

Carson, Susan

Handbook of Stem Cells

Lanza, Robert

Handbook of Systems Biology

Walhout, Marian

Cell Physiology Source Book

Sperelakis, Nicholas

Epigenetics in Human Disease

Tollefsbol, Trygve

Our Genes, Our Choices

Goldman, David

Practical Biostatistics

Suchmacher, Mendel

Bacterial Biogeochemistry

Fenchel, Tom

Resident Stem Cells and Regenerative Therapy


The Immunoassay Handbook

Wild, David

Bioconjugate Techniques

Hermanson, Greg

Emery & Rimoin's Principles and Practice of Medical Genetics

Rimoin, David

The Dictionary of Cell & Molecular Biology

Lackie, John

Handbook of Biologically Active Peptides

Kastin, Abba


Kohlmeier, Martin

Principles of Cloning


Handbook of Nutrients

Kohlmeier, Martin


Nicholls, David G.

Mechanisms of Morphogenesis

Davies, Jamie

Synthetic Biology

Zhao, Huimin


Lyubchenko, Yuri

Proteomic and Metabolomic Approaches to Biomarker Discovery

Veenstra, Timothy D

Cancer Genomics

Dellaire, Graham

Transforming your STEM Career through Leadership and Innovation

McCauley Bush, Pamela

Between the Lines of Genetic Code

Padyukov, Leonid

E. coli

Donnenberg, Michael

The Manual of Scientific Style

Rabinowitz, Harold

The Biology and Identification of the Coccidia (Apicomplexa) of Rabbits of the World

Duszyski, Donald

Principles of Tissue Engineering

Lanza, Robert

Regenerative Medicine Technology as Applied to Organ Transplantation

Orlando, Giuseppe

Building the Most Complex Structure on Earth

Cabej, Nelson

Neural Crest Cells

Trainor, Paul

Mathematical Models for Society and Biology

Beltrami, Edward

Benign and Pathological Chromosomal Imbalances

Liehr, Thomas

Genomic Control Process

Davidson, Eric

Computational Systems Biology

Kriete, Andres

Next Generation Sequencing

Nislow, Corey

Killing Public Higher Education

Stocum, David

Transport in Biological Media

Becker, Sid

Animal Models for the study in human disease

Conn, P. Michael

Electrocardiography of Laboratory Animals

Richig, Jeffrey

Effective Scientific Mentoring

Olivero, Ofelia

Engineered Biomimicry

Lakhtakia, Akhlesh

Immune Biology of Allogeneic Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation

Socie, Gerard

An Introduction to Biological Membranes

Stillwell, William

Proteomic Profiling and Analytical Chemistry

Ciborowski, Pawel

Frontiers in Tissue Engineering

C.W. Patrick Jr. / A.G. Mikos / L.V. McIntire


D. Söll/S. Nishimura/P. Moore

Chemistry and Biology of Hyaluronan

Hari Garg/Charles Hales

Progress in Biological Chirality

Gyula Pályi/Claudia Zucchi/Luciano Caglioti

Chemistry and Biology of Heparin and Heparan Sulfate

Hari Garg/Robert Linhardt/Charles Hales

Science Progress in China

Lu Yongxiang

Microbial Gene Techniques

Kenneth W. Adolph

Viral Gene Techniques

Kenneth W. Adolph

Human Molecular Genetics

Kenneth W. Adolph

DNA Technology

I. Edward Alcamo

Radiation Biophysics

Edward Alpen


Ruth Angeletti

Ion Channels and Disease

Frances Ashcroft

The Extracellular Matrix FactsBook

Shirley Ayad / Ray Boot-Handford / Martin Humphries / Karl Kadler / Adrian Shuttleworth

Anticancer Drug Development

Bruce Baguley/David Kerr

Foundations of Structural Biology

Leonard Banaszak

Biochemistry of Smooth Muscle Contraction

Michael Barany

The Leucocyte Antigen FactsBook

A. Barclay/Marion Brown/S. Law/Andrew McKnight/Michael Tomlinson/P. van der Merwe

Carbon-13 NMR Spectroscopy of Biological Systems

Nicolau Beckmann


Jeffrey Becker/Guy Caldwell/Eve Ann Zachgo

Nutritional Oncology

David Heber/George Blackburn/Vay Go/John Milner

Handbook of Immunohistochemistry and in Situ Hybridization of Human Carcinomas, Volume 3

M. Hayat

The Regulatory Genome

Eric Davidson

Computational Systems Biology

Andres Kriete/Roland Eils

Medical Biochemistry

N.V. Bhagavan

Principles of Bone Biology

John Bilezikian / Lawrence Raisz / Gideon Rodan

The Aging Skeleton

Clifford Rosen/Julie Glowacki/John Bilezikian

Nuclear Structure and Gene Expression

R. Curtis Bird / Gary S. Stein / Jane B. Lian / Janet L. Stein

Nonmammalian Genomic Analysis

Eric Lai / Bruce Birren

Genetic Databases

Martin Bishop

Guide to Human Genome Computing

Martin Bishop

Biology in Physics

Konstantin Bogdanov

Molecular Endocrinology

Franklyn Bolander

Handbook of Cell Signaling

Ralph A. Bradshaw/Edward A. Dennis

Nutritional Biochemistry

Tom Brody

Current Topics in Cellular Regulation, Volume 34

Earl Stadtman, P. Chock

Current Topics in Cellular Regulation, Volume 35

Earl Stadtman, P. Chock

Current Topics in Cellular Regulation, Volume 36

Earl Stadtman, P. Chock

Understanding DNA, 3rd ed.

Chris Calladine/Horace Drew/Ben Luisi/Andrew Travers

The Cytokine FactsBook and Webfacts

Katherine Fitzgerald/Luke O'Neill/Andy Gearing/Robin Callard

Protein Engineering and Design

Paul Carey

Modeling Methodology for Physiology and Medicine

Ewart Carson / Claudio Cobelli / Joseph Bronzino

The EGF Receptor Family

Graham Carpenter

Cell Biology, 3rd ed.

Julio Celis/Nigel Carter/Kai Simons/J. Small/Tony Hunter/David Shotton

Principles of Cloning

Jose Cibelli/Robert Lanza/Keith Campbell/Michael West

Ion Channel Factsbook: Extracellular Ligand-Gated Channels

Edward Conley, William Brammar

Ion Channel Factsbook: Voltage-Gated Channels

Edward Conley, William Brammar

Heparin-Binding Proteins

H. Conrad

Creatine and Creatine Phosphate

Michael Conway/Joseph Clark

Techniques in Protein Chemistry VI

John W. Crabb

Protein Targeting, Transport, and Translocation

Ross Dalbey / Gunnar von Heijne

Genomic Regulatory Systems

Eric Davidson

The Laboratory Computer

John Dempster

Bioprocess Engineering Principles

Pauline M. Doran

Computer-Aided Molecular Design

Jean-Pierre Doucet / Jacques Weber

The Leukemia-Lymphoma Cell Line FactsBook

Hans Drexler

Drosophila Cells in Culture

Guy Echalier

The Many Faces of RNA

D. Eggleston/Catherine Prescott/Neil Pearson

The Chaperonins

Robert L. Ellis

Enzymology Primer for Recombinant DNA Technology

Hyone-Myong Eun

RNA Methodologies

Robert E. Farrell, Jr.

Vitamin D

David Feldman / J. Wesley Pike / Francis Glorieux

Gene Expression Systems

Joseph Fernandez/James Hoeffler

Protein Physics

Alexei Finkelstein, Oleg Ptitsyn

Three-Dimensional Electron Microscopy of Macromolecular Assemblies

Joachim Frank

Handbook of Genetic Communicative Disorders

Sanford Gerber


Lawrence Gilbert/Jamshed Tata/Burr Atkinson

Academia to Biotechnology

Jeffrey Gimble

Introduction to Biophysical Methods for Protein and Nucleic Acid Research

Jay A. Glasel / Murray P. Deutscher

Signal Transduction

Bastien Gomperts/Ijsbrand Kramer/Peter Tatham

The Evolution of the Genome

T. Gregory

The Transporter FactsBook

Jeffrey Griffith/Clare Sansom


Bernd Gutte


Daniel Hardy/D. Garbers

Hormones and Signaling

Lutz Birnbaumer, James Darnell, Ronald Evans, Tony Hunter, Anthony Means, Vale Wylie, Bert O'Malley

Bones and Cartilage: Developmental Skeletal Biology

Brian Hall

The Protein Kinase FactsBook

Grahame Hardie/Steven Hanks

Heart Development

Richard Harvey/Nadia Rosenthal

Handbook of Immunohistochemistry and in Situ Hybridization of Human Carcinomas, Volume 1

M. Hayat

Handbook of Immunohistochemistry and in Situ Hybridization of Human Carcinomas, Volume 2

M. Hayat

Bioconjugate Techniques

Greg Hermanson

The Oncogene & Tumour Suppressor Gene Factsbook

Robin Hesketh

ABC Proteins

I Barry Holland/Susan Cole/Karl Kuchler/Christopher Higgins

The Adhesion Molecule FactsBook

Clare Isacke / Michael Horton

Nonviral Vectors for Gene Therapy

Mien-Chie Hung/Leaf Huang/Ernst Wagner

Membrane Protein Purification and Crystallization

Carola Hunte / Gebhard von Jagow / Hermann Schagger

Vital Forces

Graeme Hunter

BioIndustry Ethics

David Finegold/Cecile Bensimon/Abdallah Daar/Margaret Eaton/Beatrice Godard/Bartha Knoppers/Jocelyn Mackie/Peter Singer

Regenerative Biology and Medicine

David L. Stocum

Handbook of Models for Human Aging

P. Michael Conn

Principles of Cellular Engineering

Michael King

Handbook of Immunohistochemistry and in Situ Hybridization of Human Carcinomas, Volume 4

M. Hayat

Handbook of Biologically Active Peptides

Abba J. Kastin

Genetic Instabilities and Neurological Diseases

Robert D. Wells/Tetsuo Ashizawa

Nitric Oxide

Louis Ignarro

Biomedical Applications of Microprobe Analysis

Peter Ingram/John Shelburne/Victor Roggli/Ann LeFurgey

PCR Strategies

Michael Innis/David Gelfand/John Sninsky

PCR Applications

John Sninsky/Michael Innis (ed.)

Histidine Kinases in Signal Transduction

Masayori Inouye/Rinku Dutta

Platelet Protocols

Melanie White/Lisa Jennings

Liver Regeneration and Carcinogenesis

Randy L. Jirtle

Molecular Biology

Susan Karcher

Reproductive Tissue Banking

Armand Karow/John Critser

Phage Display of Peptides and Proteins

Brian K. Kay / Jill Winter / John McCafferty


Elli Kohen/Rene Santus/Joseph Hirschberg

Nonisotopic Probing, Blotting, and Sequencing

Larry Kricka

On Growth, Form and Computers

Sanjeev Kumar/Peter Bentley

Manual of Techniques in Insect Pathology

Lawrence Lacey

Nitric Oxide

Jack Lancaster, Jr.

The Myocardium

Glenn A. Langer

Handbook of Stem Cells

Robert Lanza/Helen Blau/John Gearhart/Brigid Hogan/Douglas Melton/Malcolm Moore/Roger Pedersen/E. Donnall Thomas/James Thomson/Catherine Verfaillie/Irving Weissman/Michael West

Eukaryotic Transcription Factors

David Latchman

Gene Therapy of Cancer

Edmund Lattime/Stanton Gerson

The Nuclear Receptor FactsBook

Vincent Laudet / Hinrich Gronemeyer

The T Cell Receptor FactsBook

Marie-Paule Lefranc

Fluorescent and Luminescent Probes for Biological Activity

W. Mason

The Gene Knockout FactsBook

Tak W Mak

Techniques in Protein Chemistry VII

Daniel R. Marshak

Techniques in Protein Chemistry Volume 7

Daniel R. Marshak

Techniques in Protein Chemistry VIII

Daniel R. Marshak

Biomedical Electron Microscopy

Arvid B. Maunsbach / Björn A. Afzelius

WTEC Panel Report on Tissue Engineering Research

Larry McIntire

Practical Protein Crystallography

Duncan McRee

Cell Lineage and Fate Determination

Sally Moody

Knobil and Neill's Physiology of Reproduction

Jimmy Neill


David Nicholls


Anthony Norman/Gerald Litwack

Extracellular Matrix and The Liver

Isao Okazaki/Yosifumi Ninomiya/Tanikawa Kyuichi/Scott Friedman

Antioxidant Food Supplements in Human Health

Lester Packer/Lester Packer/Toshikazu Yoshikawa

The HLA FactsBook

Steven Marsh/Peter Parham/Linda Barber

Matrix Metalloproteinases

Robert Mecham/William Parks

All About Albumin

Theodore Peters, Jr.

Stem Cells

C. Potten

Molecular Biology Techniques

Walt Ream/Katharine Field

The Blood Group Antigen FactsBook

Marion Reid /Christine Lomas-Francis

mRNA Formation and Function

Joel Richter


Giuseppe D'Alessio / James F. Riordan

Mouse Development

Janet Rossant/Patrick Tam

Ex Vivo Cell Therapy

Klaus Schindhelm/Robert Nordon

The Vascular Smooth Muscle Cell

Stephen M. Schwartz

Antioxidant and Redox Regulation of Genes

Chandan Sen/Lester Packer/Patrick Baeuerle

The Genetics of Cancer

Gajanan V Sherbet/M. Lakshmi

Genetic Recombination in Cancer

Gajanan Sherbet

Mass Spectrometry for Biotechnology

Gary Siuzdak

Sertoli Cell Biology

Michael Skinner / Michael Griswold

Cell Physiology Source Book

Nicholas Sperelakis

Calculations for Molecular Biology and Biotechnology

Frank Stephenson

Metabolic Engineering

George Stephanopoulos/Aristos Aristidou/Jens Nielsen

Horizontal Gene Transfer

Michael Syvanen/Clarence Kado

Endocrine Methods

John A. Thomas

Molecular Medicine

R. Trent

The Chemokine FactsBook

Krishna Vaddi/Margaret Keller/Robert Newton

Biomembrane Transport

Lon Van Winkle

The Complement FactsBook

Bernard Morley / Mark Walport


Alan Wolffe

PNH and the GPI-Linked Proteins

Neal Young/Joel Moss

Origins of Life on the Earth and in the Cosmos

Geoffrey Zubay

Exercise Physiology

Charles M. Tipton

Molecular Imaging: FRET Microscopy and Spectroscopy

Ammasi Periasamy, Richard Day

A Life of Ernest Starling

John Henderson

Molecular Mechanisms in Visual Transduction

D.G. Stavenga, W.J. de Grip, E.N. Pugh


S. Andersson/K. Larsson/M. Larsson/M. Jacob

Neuroinformatics and Neural Modelling

F. Moss, S. Gielen

Bioseparation Engineering

I. Endo, T. Nagamune, S. Katoh, T. Yonemoto

Environmental Stressors and Gene Responses

K.B. Storey, J.M. Storey

Food Biotechnology

S. Bielecki, J. Tramper, J. Polak

Selected Topics in the History of Biochemistry: Personal Recollections VI

G. Semenza, R. Jaenicke

Molecular Anatomy of Cellular Systems

I. Endo, I. Yamaguchi, T. Kudo, H. Osada, T. Shibata

Protein Adaptations and Signal Transduction

K.B. Storey, J.M. Storey

Selected Topics in the History of Biochemistry. Personal Recollections. VII

G. Semenza, A.J. Turner

Recent Advances in Nucleosides: Chemistry and Chemotherapy

C.K. Chu

Thyroid Neoplasms

Bryan Haugen, Boris Draznin

Molecular Breeding of Woody Plants

N. Morohoshi, A. Komamine

Trends in High Pressure Bioscience and Biotechnology

R. Hayashi

Proteome Analysis

David Speicher

Biotechnology Organizations in Action

J. Norus

Biotechnology in the Pulp and Paper Industry

L. Viikari, R. Lantto

Advances in DNA SequenceSpecific Agents, Volume 4

B.J. Chapman

Sensing, Signaling and Cell Adaptation

K.B. Storey, J.M. Storey

New Transcription Factors and Their Role in Diabetes and Therapy

Jacob Friedman

Caloric Restriction: A Key to Understanding and Modulating Aging

Edward J. Masoro

Antiviral Nucleosides

(David) C.K. Chu

Industrial Proteins in Perspective

W.Y. Aalbersberg, R.J. Hamer, P. Jasperse, H.H.J. de Jongh, C.G. de Kruif, P. Walstra, F.A. de Wolf

Selected Topics in the History of Biochemistry. Personal Recollections. VIII

G. Semenza, A.J. Turner

Selected Topics in the History of Biochemistry: Personal Recollections IX

G. Semenza, A.J. Turner

Gene Therapy: Prospective Technology Assessment in Its Societal Context

Jörg Niewöhner/Christof Tannert

Structure and Dynamics of Membranes

R. Lipowsky, E. Sackmann

Immobilized Cells: Basics and Applications

R.H. Wijffels, R.M. Buitelaar, C. Bucke, J. Tramper

Carbohydrate Bioengineering

S.B. Petersen, B. Svensson, S. Pedersen

Pectins and Pectinases

J. Visser, A.G.J. Voragen

Enzymes for Carbohydrate Engineering

K.H. Park, J.F. Robyt, YD. Choi

Transport Processes in Eukaryotic and Prokaryotic Organisms

W.N. Konings, H.R. Kaback, J.S. Lolkema

High Pressure Bioscience and Biotechnology

R. Hayashi, C. Balny

Handbook of Oxidants and Antioxidants in Exercise

Sen, C./Packer, L./Hanninen, O.

Selected Topics in the History of Biochemistry. Personal Recollections. V

G. Semenza, R. Jaenicke

Growth Hormone Secretagogues

E. Ghigo/M. Boghen/F.F. Casanueva/C. Dieguez

Stability and Stabilization of Biocatalysts

F.J. Plou, J.L. Iborra, P.J. Halling

NMR Spectroscopy and its Application to Biomedical Research

S.K. Sarkar

Quantum Leaps in Biochemistry

M.G. Ord, L.A. Stocken

Further Milestones in Biochemistry

M.G. Ord, L.A. Stocken

Genes and Genomes, Part A

R.S. Verma

Growth Factors, Part A

Derek LeRoith, Carolyn Bondy

Cytokines, Part A

Derek LeRoith, Carolyn Bondy

Systems, Part A

Derek LeRoith, Carolyn Bondy

Some Aspects of Oncology

G. Heppner, E.E. Bittar

Advances in Molecular and Cellular Endocrinology, Volume 1

D. LeRoith

Advances in DNA SequenceSpecific Agents, Volume 3

M. Palumbo

Advances in Lipobiology, Volume 2

Richard W. Gross

Advances in Molecular and Cellular Endocrinology, Volume 2

D. LeRoith

More Landmarks in Biochemistry

M.G. Ord, L.A. Stocken

The Oncobiology of the Prostate

D.P. Wood, K.V. Honn

Breast Cancer

W.P. Peters, D.W. Visscher

Advances in Structural Biology, Volume 5

S.K. Malhotra

Advances in Structural Biology, Volume 6

S.K. Malhotra

Phagocytosis: Microbial Invasion

S. Gordon

The Liver in Biology and Disease

E. Edward Bittar

Advances in DNA SequenceSpecific Agents, Volume 2

J.B. Chaires

Advances in Lipobiology, Volume 1

Richard W. Gross

General Principles

Anthony G. Lee

Rhodopsin and G-Protein Linked Receptors, Part A

Anthony G. Lee

Receptors of Cell Adhesion and Cellular Recognition

Anthony G. Lee

Endocytosis and Exocytosis

Anthony G. Lee


Anthony G. Lee

Transmembrane Receptors and Channels

Anthony G. Lee

Structure and Assembly

J.E. Hesketh, I.F. Pryme

Role in Cell Physiology

J.E. Hesketh, I.F. Pryme

Cytoskeleton in Specialized Tissues and in Pathological States

J.E. Hesketh, I.F. Pryme

Cellular Organelles

E. Edward Bittar, Neville Bittar

Cellular Organelles and the Extracellular Matrix

E. Edward Bittar, Neville Bittar

Cell Chemistry and Physiology: Part I

E. Edward Bittar, Neville Bittar

Cell Chemistry and Physiology: Part II

E. Edward Bittar, Neville Bittar

Cell Chemistry and Physiology: Part III

E. Edward Bittar, Neville Bittar

Cell Chemistry and Physiology: Part IV

E. Edward Bittar, Neville Bittar

Molecular and Cellular Genetics

E. Edward Bittar, Neville Bittar


E. Edward Bittar, Neville Bittar

Membranes and Cell Signaling

E. Edward Bittar, Neville Bittar

Molecular and Cellular Pharmacology

E. Edward Bittar, Neville Bittar


E. Edward Bittar, Neville Bittar

Molecular and Cell Endocrinology

E. Edward Bittar, Neville Bittar

Developmental Biology

E. Edward Bittar, Neville Bittar

Reproductive Endocrinology and Biology

E. Edward Bittar, Neville Bittar

Cell Injury

E. Edward Bittar, Neville Bittar

Biological Psychiatry

E. Edward Bittar, Neville Bittar

Genetics of Human Neoplasia, Part A

R.S. Verma

Genetics of Sex Determination

R.S. Verma

Membrane Protein Transport, Volume 1

S.S. Rothman

Protein Export and Membrane Biogenesis

R.E. Dalbey

The Nucleosome

A.P. Wolffe

Early Adventures in Biochemistry

M.G. Ord, L.A. Stocken

Advances in Structural Biology, Volume 4

S.K. Malhotra

Advances in Computational Biology, Volume 2

H.O. Villar

Membrane Protein Transport, Volume 2

S.S. Rothman

Membrane Protein Transport, Volume 3

S.S. Rothman

Phagocytosis: The Host

S. Gordon

Wiley E-Books

Lyme Borrelioss in Europe and North America: Epidemiology and Clinical Practice


Practical Guide Mechanical Ventilation


Handbook of Molecular Microbial Ecology I: Metagenomics and Complementary Approaches

de Bruijn

Studies in Viral Ecology: Microbial and Botanical Host Systems


Studies in Viral Ecology: Animal Host Systems


Molecular Techniques for the Study of Hospital Acquired Infection


Fundamental Medical Mycology


Bacteria: The Benign, The Bad, and The Beautiful


Water and Sanitation-Related Diseases and the Environment: Challenges, Interventions, and Preventive Measures


A Concise Manual of Pathogenic Microbiology


Microbes: Concepts and Applications


Biocomplexity of Plant-Fungal Interactions


A Practical Guide to Decontamination in Healthcare


Fungal Infection - Diagnosis and Management


Vaccinology - Principles and Practice


Principles and Practice of Travel Medicine


Emerging Epidemics: Management and Control


Immunity to Parasitic Infection


Extremophiles: Sustainable Resources and Biotechnological Implications


Local Planning for Terror and Disaster: From Bioterrorism to Earthquakes


Reverse Genetics of RNA Viruses: Applications and Perspectives


Principles and Practice of Disinfection, Preservation and Sterilization


Infectious Disease Surveillance 2e


A Geographic Guide to Infectious Diseases


Fungi - Biology and Applications 2e


Communicable Disease Control and Health Protection Handbook 3e


Atlas of Human Infectious Diseases


Handbook of Molecular Microbial Ecology II: Metagenomics in Different Habitats

de Bruijn

Identification of Pathogenic Fungi


BSL3 and BSL4 Agents - Epidemiology, Microbiologyand Practical Guidelines


McGraw Hills E-Books


Aehlert, Barbara


Aehlert, Barbara


Newby, Cynthia


Newby, Cynthia


Campbell, John


Magovern, Susan


Brown, Peter


Allan, David




Lewis, Ricki


Chess, Barry


Willey, Joanne




Gopal, Shuba




Prentice, William


Steinberg, Laurence


Hoyer, William