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For most of us, the years that we spent studying at Tripura University are among the happiest times of our lives. New friendships that stand the test of time, life changing experiences, lectures, tutorials, halls of residence, shared flats, nights on the town or in the unions and exams! Obtaining degree is particularly a special occasion, as it is the goal every student works towards. However it is not the end of the University experience.

Thousands of people throughout the country and world are proud to call themselves alumni of the Tripura University. Their knowledge, achievements and expertise have been recognized in diverse fields.

We aim to keep in regular touch with all of our alumni and friends through dedicated programme of reunions, events, publications and correspondence, meetings and online networking sites. We want to hear your success stories and are here to help you keep in touch with fellow alumni and to keep you informed about what's happening here at the University.

As an alumni you are part of an elite global community of successful individuals. Your Tripura University degree opened the doors of success and helped you to progress in your career. At present the support of Alumni like you towards the development of Tripura University will be vital. Whether as an ambassador, volunteer or donor, you can play an important role in helping the University to achieve its potential and helping the students of tomorrow to reach their goals.

Aims & Objectives:

The main objectives of the TUAA are to maintain the association and to uplift the identity of Tripura University where we studied. After obtaining higher degrees many students are now working into various fields in India and abroad. The Alumni association would be the best and most suited arena to bring them together to exchange nostalgic feelings, ideas, thoughts, improve scientific knowledge time to time.

To support current students with scholarships, mentoring opportunities, career panels, freshman orientation, grants for student related programs, and other activities.

To provides intellectual, cultural, social networking events and honour Alumni for career accomplishments, philanthropy, and service.

Arrange meetings to discuss on how to improve the Association and help the development of the University needs if possible. As a whole to work for the interests of the Tripura University, in general.

Holding scientific meetings and conferences of national and international standard and to publish literature, books and journals for the fulfilment of the objects of the Association.

Any Alumni member visiting and wishing to give lectures can be arranged by the Association.

Public education program in various disciplines can be arranged.

To open branches of the Association.

To do all other activities for the fulfilment of the objects of the Association.

Executive Committee:

  1. President:

    Mr. Narendu Bhattacharya
  2. Vice-President:

    Prof. R. K. Nath
    Prof. Maitrayei Datta
  3. Secretary:

    Dr. Syed Arshad Hussain
  4. Organising Secretary:

    Mr. Salim Shah
  5. Treasurer:

    Dr. Shymal Debnath
  6. Cultural Secretary :

    Dr. Nirmal Das
  7. Jt. Cultural Secretary:

    Ms. Dipanwita Choudhury
  8. Journal Editor:

    Dr. Asish Nath
    Dr. Rupak Debnath
  9. Jt. Journal Editor:

    Ms. Anjana Kalai
  10. Members:

    Dr. Alak Bhattacharjee
    Dr. Chinmoy Ray
    Dr. Swapan Majumdar
    Dr. Sharmistha Bhattacharjee
    Dr. Anirban Guha
    Dr. Bimal Debnath
    Mr. Mrinal Bhowmik
    Ms. Banti Ganguly
    Mr. Pradip Chouhan
    Dr. Mustafa Kamal
    Ms. Jaba Saha
    Mr. Sushovan Dasgupta
    Ms. Sudipta Sinha
    Mr. Rajib Pal

Who can join TUAA:

Those who were the student of CUPG Centre, Agartala/ Tripura University (State University)/ Tripura University (Central) and did their Master Degree/ Ph.D., can be the members of the Alumni Association of Tripura University.

Member Directory:

List of registered members

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As entry fee, the service holder employee shall pay an amount of Rs. 500.00 (five hundred) only. Whereas unemployed or Research Scholar shall pay an amount of Rs. 100.00 (One hundred) only. However, regarding the annual subscription, life membership and other related matters and fees shall be discussed in next subsequent meetings.

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The registration fees can be sent to the back account details given below:

Account No: 33522069691
CIF No: 86330231080
Branch Code: 10495
IFSC: SBIN0010495
Completed form may be sent preferably to the email address tualumni[at] along with the proof of payment of registration fee

Recent Activities:

  • e-News letter of TUAA “Tongthok Mukumu” (Sweet Memory) has been published regularly.
  • Special lecture by the TUAA members: A series of lectures by the alumni members were organized:
  • Alumni association opened Help desk and counseling program during the admission of new students to the university.
  • Alumni association arranged discussion meetings with the 1st semester students in order to motivate them towards higher education. Successful alumni and the Research scholars were took part in the discussion and shared their experiences and success stories.

Photo Gallery:

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Dr. Syed Arshad Hussain
Tripura University Alumni Association
Phone: +91-381-2379119
E-mail:  tualumni[at]